In February of 1986, The April edition of Car and Driver hit my mailbox and after reading the article on the new Grand National, I was out in the rain that night trying to find one.  All I found were Demo's and they were all marked up a $1000 above the sticker price.  It's fun to test drive a car in the rain with a salesman sitting beside you screaming.   I did not want a Demo so I went home empty handed.  The next day, I found a dealer with one on order and bought it for a $100 above dealer's.   It came in just before the AutoWeek cover hit the stands. 

In 2003, I started this site to help those turbo Buick owners that want to learn how to both maintain and tune their cars.  Much of the content comes from not only my own experience as an owner since 1986, but also from the shop manual and online forums like GNTTYPE.ORG and input from individuals.

  I don't post much on the FB groups because it's hard to help someone with a problem when 50 other people are throwing out suggestions at the same time.  It takes a logical approach in many cases and that just does not happen on large forums or large groups.

   I hope this helps you.    Steve  Wood


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